Music and Sound Therapy for Best Friend Anxiety

Joshua Leeds, recognized authority in the field of psychoacoustics, sound researcher & engineer, music producer & educator, and Lisa Spector, award winning Juilliard graduate & highly respected concert pianist, and the esteemed board-certified veterinary neurologist Dr Susan Wagner, adjunct assistant professor at The Ohio State University Veterinary College, co-developed the iCalmDog as a portable, easy-to-use music player that can be easily loaded with “slowed down” professionally selected classical compositions that have potential to calm the anxious pet in the presence of visitors, reduce thunderstorm and fireworks anxiety, reduce separation anxiety, and help control interactive conflicts in the household.

Solo instruments, slower tempos, and less complex arrangements which are carefully selected for tone, tempo and pattern are thought to have a greater calming effect than faster selections with more complex harmonic and orchestral content. Studies showed a 70 percent reduction in anxiety behaviors when psychoacoustically designed music is played in the background of the home or kennel environment, when visitors entered the home environment, during thunderstorms, when riding in the car, when pawing at a guardian, when exhibiting signs of separation anxiety, and when fireworks are audible.

The iCalmDog might be a gift that keeps on giving for many anxious, dismissive, or fearful pets. The player retails for approximately $80 with 4 hours of continuously playable calming music included. More directed compositions that include thunderstorm, firecracker, city sounds, and aggression remediation are available directly from the Through A Dogs Ear website – as are selections that are specifically engineered for our feline friends via the Through A Cat’s Ear option.

Say that again! A calming “IPod” for my best friend

Who, How and Why did ICalmDog come about

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