Honest Kitchen dehydrated pet foods

What’s in your best friend’s food bowl?

Dogs and cats are by nature both carnivores and predators – they don’t moo, and they are not cows, sheep or rabbits! Yet, that is often the basis on which we offer them nutrition. Grain based and high carb diets are not in their biological best interests!

We now know that there is very little difference between the DNA sequence of our “domesticated’ friends and that of Gray Wolves and Tigers. Recent experience suggests that we should consider feeding our pals accordingly. The natural ancestral diets of dogs and cats are full of high-quality protein, animal-sourced fatty acids, fiber, nutrients and variety – a far cry from today’s processed pet foods which to often contain inappropriate substrates and undesirable non-human grade flavor enhancers that include by-product animal digests and flavored fat sprays.

Think about changing to a fully balanced grain free diet that contains real unprocessed meat or fish that will better satisfy the tiger or wolf in Kitty or Fido.

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Why Choose Dehydrated pet foods?

The following links describe Honest Kitchen’s Canine Preference base diet which easily lets you mix your best friend’s favorite cooked or raw meat into an easily stored and nutritionally balanced dehydrated base. Simply add water to the dry base, stir, add fresh meat, then feed Fido.

Adding raw or cooked meat into Honest Kitchen Preference Base Mix

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