Cat-in-the-bag advanced concept cat carrier

Cats and plastic or stiff kennel crate style carriers can make for a volatile mix when some of our feline friends are carried into a high-stress environment which they are uncomfortable in – such as doc’s place! It does not take long for some kitties to set up a defensive perimeter in the depths of a crate and draw battle lines in the dirt. Severe injuries can and have happened.

Jeanne Starmack, owner of Cat-in-the-bag, is offering an elegant cat carrier for safely presenting kitty to a veterinarian’s office, for traveling, and for humane restraint when performing stressful maintenance procedures at home, including nail trimming, medicating, and even bathing. The video below pretty much shows it all. Please also note the comprehensive overview of this advanced concept carrier on Cat-in-the-bag’s Product Info Page. Hurricane Katrina offered us an opportunity to see first-hand the value of pillow cases in extraordinary circumstances wherein many of kitty friends appeared to be remarkably comfortable taking long evacuations car rides literally out of the state to their new temporary homes. Several peacefully snoozed on the rear floorboards for hours on end curled up in light-weight cotton pillow cases to insure adequate ventilation over time and with occasional potty breaks being offered – being given the essential caveat of the critical importance of checking the fabrics ability to pass air and to ensure that respiratory distress was not occurring in the closed device.

We have recommended heavy cotton pillow cases for kitties of all shapes, sizes, and personalities for many years now with marginal compliance on the part of our cat peeps. Too many times pillow cases start showing up after injury has occurred and clients see first hand how well their beloved friend can defend themselves. Many was the time over the last 40 years of practice that I pondered going into “inventor” mode, explore the design and seek a manufacturer of a comparable product, but the process never launched. I honestly think that Ms. Starmack’s product is about as good as can be while still being manufactured out of an affordable fabric and my hats off to her for bringing the Cat-in-the-bag to market.

My only concern with light, flexible, cloth carriers that the typical cat can be comfortably and safely restrained and transported in relates to durability and resistance to claw damage. In that context I communicated with Ms. Starmack before posting this blog entry asking about whether the guarantee would cover claw damage if kitty is of the Bad Kitty mentality. Her response was as follows:

Our carriers have a 30-day money-back guarantee that people can use if
they aren’t satisfied for any reason. A manufacturer defect would be
guaranteed no matter what. If someone’s zipper broke, for example, or a
part of the neckline fell apart, etc., beyond the 30 days, we would
replace that bag. We would consider a rip in the bag by a cat to be the
latter, and would replace it for someone. You could tell your clients
that I personally guarantee that.”