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Welcome to the Driftwood Animal hospital, located in Kenner Louisiana. The facility is a secure 2,400 square foot hospital which was completed in 1978 and completely remodeled in 2007. We offer a safe and comfortable climate control facility for hospitalized and established boarding patients. The hospital is a stand alone building on the corner of 36th St and Florida Ave, which is one block west of corner of Williams and 36th street and one block north of the corner of West Esplanade Ave and Florida Ave. The property contains a large side yard where hospitalized and boarded pets are walked regularly.


We provide comprehensive medical services which are objectively constrained by 43 years of experience in the general practice of Veterinary Medicine. Typical services and procedures that we offer include: Multiple Pet Discounts are provided, wellness examinations, parasite testing and vaccinations, medical treatments, anesthesia services, surgical Services, dental procedures, diagnostic services, comprehensive blood testing, X-rays, Non-invasive non-destructive Laser stimulation therapy, Digital Videoscope Imaging, referrals to board certified specialists as indicated, prescription medications, heartworm medications, flea control medications shampoos and supplements, obesity control diets.


Dr. Michael Fitzgerald was born and raised in New Orleans and attended The University Of Mississippi as an undergraduate student.  He then attended The University of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, graduating with a V.M.D. degree in 1970. Dr. Fitzgerald then traveled to The University Of Bern in Bern, Switzerland as an intern, following which he returned to New Orleans as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Dept of Pharmacology at LSU Medical Center in New Orleans. Dr. Fitzgerald entered private companion animal practice in Kenner in the mid-seventies at Boulevard Animal Clinic in Kenner and founded Driftwood Animal Hospital in Kenner in 1978.

Clients are welcomed and encouraged to be actively engaged in designing the individual preventative care programs for their beloved pets with their wishes and budgets in mind.